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R4,6 Million Raised By Rhino Force

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  • RHINO FORCE beaded bracelet
  • Baby rhinos taken by Timothy Griesel
  • Rhino relocation, Phase 1: Capture
  • Rhino Force is proudly sponsored by Mitsubishi
  • Africa Foundation, established in 1992

RHINO FORCE’s red, black and white beaded bracelet remains SA’s best-selling rhino accessory, maintaining unprecedented success in raising awareness and funds for rhino conservation. In total RHINO FORCE paid

R3 050 597.59 to Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) from sales of RHINO FORCE bracelets. This multi-million rand donation, acknowledged in thanks by the EWT, supports the NGO’s rhino programmes.


RHINO FORCE also thanks the EWT for their conservation activities undertaken in security and protection; wildlife trade law compliance; judiciary awareness and strategic support as the bracelet organisation re-directs its efforts to fully support rhino translocation.


This fine-tuned approach is in response to an urgent need for immediate, direct action, and in support of IUCN’s principle of translocation as a method to save a species from extinction. Proudly sponsored by MITSUBISHI SA, RHINO FORCE support Africa Foundation, and raised funds for the translocation of rhino from South Africa to Botswana – a safe haven in terms of security and monitoring. Relocating rhino to suitable habitats spreads them out over a larger area. Translocation also enables rapid growth rates, and is the reason we have 400 separate populations in 9 African countries today.


Rhino bracelet sales have raised R400,000 for Africa Foundation, over and above the R3 050 597.59 paid to the EWT. RHINO FORCE also facilitated a whopping R1.1 million from corporate donors, including Motorite Administrators, for the first RHINO FORCE relocation project. The first group of rhino are ready for release in Botswana.


The original RHINO FORCE beaded bracelet, launched in June 2011, is synonymous with rhino conservation, remaining a best-seller.  Over 500,000 local and international supporters have donned the conservation accessory. The continued support from retail, corporate and individuals has raised awareness for the critical threat to our rhino populations.


“We have identified a direct, immediate conservation action that is saving rhino today, through the sale of the beaded bracelet. Monies we raise and facilitate go directly to translocation. We believe it’s important to involve and educate South Africa in this fight,” says Joanne Lapin Thorpe, co-founder of RHINO FORCE. “We look forward to many more translocation projects and saving our rhinos.”


We encourage the public to purchase cause-related products from bona fide credible businesses and commercial entities that are underpinned by accountability and transparency. Furthermore, supporters are entitled to know how that money is spent by the supported NGO.



To help save the rhino, buy a bracelet online at





T: 083 609 1111



RHINO FORCE is a dynamic brand that creates international awareness and raise substantial funding for rhino conservation, through the sale of RHINO FORCE beaded bracelets. RHINO FORCE incorporates fundamental business principles to create philanthropy through commerce. Through the design, development and activation of multiple retail, corporate and electronic market platforms, RHINO FORCE successfully achieves its mission – ‘Conservation through Commerce’, commercially known as ‘Save the Rhino…Buy a Bracelet’.



Founded in 1992 to support &Beyond’s commitment to conservation and communities, Africa Foundation has built up a highly successful track record in empowering and enriching the lives of communities living adjacent to &Beyond’s  safari lodges; specifically in the areas of healthcare, education and enterprise development. It is a registered trust and non-profit organisation, supported by its partners , &Beyond Africa Foundation UK, Africa Foundation USA, lodge guests and donors –



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