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11 June 2014
Rhino Force, a division of The Bead Coalition, has donated R217,632.00 to York Nature Reserve, adjoining greater Kruger National Park. The Bead Coalition donates a percentage of profit, from the sale of its RHINO FORCE bracelets to rhino conservation. This has funded the monthly salaries of the York anti-poaching team since August 2013.   The Bead Coalition CEO, Joanne Lapin Thorpe says, “Private, commercial organisations urgently need to get behind the direct action of conservation organisations to make a difference.” A massive R5,297,027.71 has been donated to rhino conservation by RHINO FORCE to date, including the facilitation of R1,080,000 to relocate rhino to Botswana. The red, black and white beaded RHINO FORCE bracelets, made by previously disadvantaged communities in rural South Africa, are sold globally, and delivered to the world. Purchase online at


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About The Bead Co. (Pty) Ltd
The Bead Coalition [Pty] Ltd is a commercial business based in Johannesburg. The organization’s bespoke accessory range includes beaded items hand made by previously unemployed communities in rural South Africa and sold to the world. Cause themed accessories such as the rhino bracelet raise awareness and funds, making significant environmental, conservational change. Other bracelets include OCEAN, CYCLE, LITERACY, HERITAGE, MOTOR NEURON DISEASE and HIV.